What a distorted self image might involve

As the guy grew up he found himself intelligent but since everyone used to call him dumb the only conclusion his mind reached was that he looks like a dumb person even though he is intelligent. This constant critical judgment tends to distort their imperfections making them larger than life. Self-image is really powerful because your behaviour will almost never swerve away from this internal picture.

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She ensures that medical supplies such as bandag. In fact, everything on the negative side tends to be exaggerated and blown out of proportion. However, self-esteem goes deeper than self-image. Read about the support services career and fill in the blank.

Thinking disparaging comments about your body and frequent comparison of your own shape and size to other people.

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Many people are not aware of their own self-image until they really look. An unstable self image means having a self image that changes according to the situation and according to the people you meet. Find the perfect Narain Karthikeyan stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images?