Painting based on music

She adopted relative pitch as a measure for quantitatively differentiating musical tones represented in her paintings. As a synesthete, the music I hear is translated into a flow of texture and colors. Kandinsky's Concerning The Spiritual in Art and Paul Klee and Bauhaus are described in length. I had to go to the internet to search for mentioned paintings.
Once everyone is warmed up begin working with the paint. Synethesia, although not disorientating, can sometimes leave me at odds. Underpainting - Layer Painting A base paint is added to the canvas and more layers of colors are added to create beauting underpaintings. Girl Getting Body Painted in Public. Panel Painting - Multiple Parts Painting Panel paintings are created on multiple panels of wood and joined together.

Also, review color mixing yellow blue green.

Painting based on music — pic 1
Led Tape Church Stage Design Stage Lighting. Hello Kitty Room Designs Emily wants this but I don't know hmmmm. The condition I talked is true of music and fine arts. Paid Priced by number of photos member and student discounts available.