Ideal dimensions for facebook cover image

Pictures are now a vital part of designs and identity on the user interface, for example, your cover photo or profile picture. Even just for Facebook marketing, photo dimensions vary according to where and how it's shared -- from cover photos, to timeline images, to profile pictures. Images are also part of galleries and posts on the timeline.

So, If you face same problem, just re-size your image according to these dimensions which are ideal for a Facebook cover photo.

Dimension of Facebook Cover Page, dimension of Facebook event photo, dimension of Facebook Profile Picture and much more. Everything you need to know about the Facebook cover photo. Check out all the Facebook sizes and dimensions in one place with examples and templates.
Learn the ideal dimensions and discover some clever ways that people are using them today. We made this page in order to keep track of the latest changes in. Here's the detailed post covering the Facebook Image dimensions and sizes of the photos used on the site.

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It will look perfect on mobile and desktop Create a Facebook cover photo for free. Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions. Its important to ensure that your images meet Facebooks guidelines for image sizes to prevent your high-quality images from becoming pixelated, and your text from becoming clumsy.