Android launch image sizes

Using an Xcode storyboard is the recommended approach, as storyboards are flexible and adaptable. One set of six icons are square, plus for newer versions of Android, one set of icons are round. You can use a single storyboard to manage all of your launch screens. Fear not, I have done the work for you.
Android launch image sizes — pic 2
To accommodate this, you can provide a launch screen as an Xcode storyboard or as a set of static images for the devices your app supports. Even the basic Hello World app has a tiny splash screen sitting in the center on Android. Also, there is the high resolution icon to be produced for the Google Play store listing. Which is the best size image for ldpi, mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi density in Android.

I am asking because I didnt find any topic about the perfect images size for each density.

Android launch image sizes — pic 1
What is the Android Icon Size for an App. Im getting started with android development and i have a few questions about supporting different screen sizes. Portland T-Shirts Shirt Designs Zazzle.